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Charting a Course for Requirements

© 2002 Becky Winant This article originally was originally published on Projects are like voyages; they both start with a launch. Ever wonder what happens before we get into the boat and it pushes off from shore? I might … Continue reading

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Mistakes and Insights Found at a Sale

© 2001 Becky Winant Recently my partner and I had a garage sale. Well, not a typical garage sale, but an office version. We were moving our office from the first floor of a building, which included a storefront, to … Continue reading

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Consulting Lessons From My Shiatsu Therapist

© 2000 Becky Winant Shiatsu is a type of bodywork that involves stretching and applying pressure at points to release or contain energy. Before he practiced Shiatsu, Ron had a career as an audio engineer — he understands technology and … Continue reading

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