About AYE

The AYE Conference, 2000 – 2012

AYE Conference Information

One thing that makes the AYE conference different is session design. At many conferences, the basic format is one or two presenters talking from the front of the room, to rows full of people seated in chairs, even in tutorials or full-day workshops.
In this conference, we emphasize simulation and experience so that you can gain a more complete understanding of the material. No lectures.

You might find AYE participants working actively in any place, in any style, except sitting in rows watching powerpoint lectures.

Why we started the conference

The Amplifying Your Effectiveness conference was born in a meeting of successful, yet frustrated consultants. We were frustrated by the way the conferences treated us and their attendees. We couldn’t change the room setup; people were supposed to learn sitting down in chairs. We couldn’t provide new and innovative ideas the slides were supposed to be submitted months in advance. We couldn’t lead participatory sessions, people were “afraid” of those.

Ha! We didn’t think so. We thought that people who wanted to participate in solving their problems, to seeing their human systems in action needed a conference. That’s why we started AYE.

AYE is for people who work in technical environments where problem solving is key; environments such as systems development, product development, quality assurance, and information technology. At AYE, you will experience new ways to tackle hard issues, ways that use everyone’s creativity and respect everyone’s humanity. We call this approach congruent problem solving, because it stresses self-esteem, communication, interaction, and change at three levels of improved effectiveness; the individual, the team, and the organization as a whole.

We’re looking for participants who will participate, ask questions, share their experiences, be part of experiential exercises, and contribute to the session designs and content. By participating, you will discover solutions to some of your toughest problems. Join us in growing more functional teams, more effective organizations, and more powerful people.