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Taking exception to the facilitators.

Taking exception to the hosts.

Meeting new friends and colleagues


Meeting new friends and colleagues.
Working together, sharing knowledge.


Working together, sharing knowledge.
Building new knowledge.


Building new knowledge.
Contemplating new thoughts.


Contemplating new ideas.
Sharing problems and solutions.


Sharing problems and solutions.

Arguing your positions.

Arguing your positions.
Spirited discussions.

Enjoying spirited discussions.

Enjoying open air meals with friends.Enjoying open-air meals with friends.

Watching host trying to solve their own problems.


Watching the hosts solve their own problems.
Watching host trying to solve problems.

Watching the hosts trying to solve others’ problems.



More Conference Information


3 Responses to Photos

  1. alalia lundy says:

    Do these conferences still happen?

    • Johanna Rothman says:

      Hi Alalia, Our most recent AYE conference was in 2012. We ran an AYEQuartet conference in 2013. We ran no conference in 2014. We have not yet decided on 2015.

  2. Angelia Gil says:

    Hi, I am a consultant, attempting to solve complex organizational problems and feel siloed in my solution generating. In learning about this experiential learning conference, I was excited to be able to attend, but it seems they are no longer occurring. I would like to speak with someone about starting the conference up again.

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