Why Choose AYE?

In these days when money is short, lots of people cannot afford to participate all the conferences they might have attended last year. Money may be the first criterion for choosing conferences, but it’s not the only one.

Here are a half-dozen criterion to consider:

  • Limited attendance. AYE is limited to 75 participants to ensure high-quality interactions. It’s not a huge event where you’ll be like one of thousands of struggling through crowded halls to get to the next powerpoint lecture.
  • Interactive, experiential sessions that focus on your learning, not the presenters ideas of what you should learn.
  • High caliber presenters. The AYE hosts have years of experience with experiential learning and are all published authors. We don’t rely on unknown or untested presenters to fill out topic tracks.
  • Ample time and space for networking, one-on-one coaching, and meeting new people. You’ll meet lots of interesting people at AYE. Our participants are thinkers and learners, not warm bodies sent to simply swallow powerpoint bullets.
  • No sales pitches masquerading as learning opportunities. We aren’t here to sell you the latest tool (though we will happily sell you our books!).
  • No canned presentations. We aren’t dialing in the same lecture we’ve done dozens of times. Even when we do repeat a session, it’s different because the people are different and bring different dynamics and insights.

We hope you’ll choose AYE. We love to meet new people and enjoy our old friends.

Take advantage of the Summer Discount $1500 per person, $ 300 less than the full registration. Read more about the discount below!

The Tenth Annual AYE Conference will be November 8 – 12, 2009 in Phoenix, AZ

You can see the schedule and session descriptions on our Program Page.

Summer Discount Ends July 31, 2009

From May 1 to July 31 conference registration is $1500. After July 31 the standard registration of $ 1800 applies.

If you have any problems registering, call and discuss them with our registrar, Susie Brame at (503) 799-5132. You can also contact Susie at susie.brame@ayeconference.com or register online at http://www.ayeconference.com/register . We’re committed to helping you come and thrive at AYE, regardless of the obstacles.

Team Registration Special Continues

Right now you have two ways to save money while attending this year’s conference:
When you and your teammates register and attend together, you qualify for our team discount. That’s $1200 per person for 3 or more, $300 per person less than the Summer Discount price and $600 less than the full fee.

Meet and learn with the AYE Hosts at these events:
Jerry will be participating in CAST 2009, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, July 13-16. On July 13, he will be presenting a tutorial: Ensuring Testing’s Proper Place in the Organization

Don will lead the Agilely Delivering Business Value simulation at agile-knoxville on July 14, 2009.

Esther and Diana Larsen will be leading Secrets of Agile Teamwork July 21-23 in Redmond WA.

Johanna will be part of a panel discussion on Agile Teamwork: The People Issues on July 23 at the Agile Bazaar in Boston, MA

Esther and Johanna will be at AgileRX in Phildelphia July 30-August 1.

Don, Esther, Jerry and Johanna will be presenting at Bizconf August 20 – 21, 2009. Part two of Jerry’s interview with Obie Fernandez is posted here. (Read the first part of Jerry’s interview about consulting, dealing with clients and permanent employment.)

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